Induction Brazing Copper To Copper Parts

Objective Induction Brazing Copper to Copper parts Spacer. The workpieces were heated to 2012˚F (1100˚C) in 1 minutes. Recommended Equipment The recommended equipment for this application is the  DW-HF-45kw induction heating machine Materials: Copper section: 0.55” thick x 1.97” long x 1.18” wide x 0.2” long (14 mm thick & 50 mm long x 30 … Read more

induction brazing stainless steel to copper

Objective Induction Brazing stainless steel to copper tubing. Objective is to evaluate induction brazing solution. Customer is looking to reduce defects and for a cleaner brazing environment. Due to different pipe size and lower volume – evaluation is performed with a induction brazing system. Test1 Equipment DW-HF-25kw induction brazing machine Materials Copper to Stainless steel … Read more

Induction Brazing Copper to Stainless Steel Process

High Frequency Induction Brazing Copper to Stainless Steel Process Technology Objective The objective of this induction brazing copper to stainless steel using a DW-UHF-40kw induction heating power supply with a custom heating station Equipment DW-UHF-40KW Induction Heating Power Supply HLQ custom coil Key Parameters Power: 23.65 kW Temperature: Approximately 1300°F (704)°C Time: 3.5 mins Materials Cooper … Read more

Induction Brazing copper to copper pipes

High Frequency Induction Brazing copper to copper pipes Process Objective: Induction Brazing copper to copper pipes Equipment: DW-UHF-6KW-III handheld induction brazing heater Materials:  Six Copper pipes (9.5 mm) Power: 6 kW Temperature: 1475 °F/ 800°C Time: 20 seconds Process: The DW-UHF-6KW-III handheld induction brazing system with robot can automatically induction braze multiple joints located in predefined positions. For this brazing application a … Read more

induction brazing copper and brass rods

induction brazing copper and brass rods Objective Induction Brazing copper and brass rods and strips to replace torch operation. The current torch process results in excessive contaminants on the assembly, and requires extensive rework after the brazing operation. Equipment DW-UHF-40KW high frequency induction brazing machine Two turn open end conveyor coil Materials • Copper coupon … Read more

Induction Brazing Copper Assembly

Induction Brazing Copper Assembly With High Frequency Heating Equipment

Objective Brazing a copper pivot assembly
Material Two copper uprights 2” (5cm) wide x 4” (10.2cm) high, copper base 3” (7.6cm) x 2” (5cm) and .5” (1.3mm) thick with 2 channels for the uprights to the slide into, braze shims and black flux
Temperature 1350 ºF (732 ºC)
Frequency 200 kHz
Equipment •DW-UHF-20kW induction heating system, equipped with a remote workhead containing two 1.0μF capacitors for a total of 0.5μF
• An induction heating coil designed and developed specifically for this application.
Process A three turn helical coil is used to heat the base of the assembly. The copper uprights and two braze shims are placed in the grooves in the base and black flux is applied. The assembly is placed in the coil and power is applied for 4 minutes to braze both the uprights in place.
Results/Benefits Induction heating provides:
• Rapid localized heat which can minimize oxidation and reduce cleaning after joining
• Consistent and repeatable joints
• Hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing
• Even distribution of heating

Brazing Copper Bars with Induction

Brazing Copper Bars with Induction

Objective: To braze bus bar assemblies together
Material: • 2 copper bus bars 6″ (152.4mm) wide, 2′ (609.6mm)long, 2
copper bars 6″(152.4mm) wide, 18″ (457.2)long & 3/8″ (9.65mm) thick • braze shim preforms and white flux
Temperature: 1292 ºF (700 ºC)
Frequency: 80 kHz
Equipment • DW-UHF-60KW induction heating system, equipped with a
remote workhead containing eight 1.0 μF capacitors for a total of 2.0 μF.
• An induction heating coil, designed and developed specifically for this application

Process: A three-turn helical coil is used to heat the assembly. Three braze shim preforms are placed between the plates and white flux is applied to the assembly. It is heated for 5 minutes to evenly flow the braze alloy. A high current capable, aesthetic looking braze zone is produced.

Results/Benefits Induction heating provides:
• Consistently produced, quality parts
• Heat into the part that is divided equally between the copper pieces, allowing for even flow and consistent use of braze
• Hands-free operation that doesn’t require skilled operators

Brazing Copper Tube to Brass Fitting With Induction

Brazing Copper Tube to Brass Fitting With Induction 

Objective: To use induction heating to braze a copper tube to a brass fitting using a preform braze wire. Processing is to occur under an atmosphere of Nitrogen and 4% Hydrogen gas. The braze preforms melt at 1190°F, but the parts need to be kept below 1300°F. The parts need to be processed at a rate of 175 to 200 per hour which translates into 18 seconds of heating time per part.

Material Copper Tubing Measuring 0.5″ OD and 2″ Long, Brass fitting, Braze Preform, No Flux.

Temperature Above 1190°F but not to exceed 1300°F

Frequency :300 kHz

Equipment: DW-UHF-10KW output solid state induction heating power supply with three (3) busses, eight (8) capacitors totaling 0.66 μF, and a unique four turn helical coil. Process The DW-UHF-10KW output solid state power supply along with a unique four turn helical coil were used to achieve the following results.

Results • The requested atmosphere was provided under a bell jar by supplying 95% Nitrogen/5%Hydrogen at a rate of 25-30 cfh. • A heating cycle of only 10 seconds was necessary to attain sufficient braze flow which surpasses the required limit of 18 seconds.

Brazing Copper Tube with Induction

Brazing Copper Tube with Induction

Objective: To braze a copper tube ( 3/8″ OD by 2-4″ long) into a 3/8″ fitting in less than 10 seconds. Heating must take place in a channel type coil to allow for easy loading of parts.

Material Copper Tubing and Fitting with Braze and Stay Silv White Flux

Temperature 1300°F

Frequency 215 kHz

Equipment DW-UHF-10kw output solid state induction power supply equipped with a standard heat station containing eight 0.33 μF capacitors for a total of 0.66μF, a step down transformer, and a specifically designed induction heating coil.

Process DW-UHF-10kw solid state induction power supply was setup to achieve the following results: · 2.0 kW of power was directly loaded into the copper tube resulting in a heating time of 7.2 seconds to reach the necessary 13000F for brazing.

Results& Processing ease was achieved through the design of a unique channel type coil comprised of three turns of 1/8″ copper.