Application of induction aluminum melting furnace

Application of induction aluminum melting furnace The melting furnace, designed as channel induction furnace, has a total holding capacity of 50 t and a useful pour–off weight of 40 t maximum. The meltdown power is produced by four inductors mounted at defined angles on the furnace floor with a total connected load of 3,400 kW. … Read more

induction preheating copper rod

high frequency induction preheating copper rod and connector for an epoxy curing application induction preheating copper rod and connector for an epoxy curing application Objective: To preheat a portion of the copper rod and a rectangular connector to temperature prior to epoxy curing during a manufacturing process for electrical turnbuckles Material : Customer supplied plated … Read more

induction preheating titanium billet for rolling

induction preheating titanium billet for rolling with MF induction heating system Objective:  To preheat a titanium billet to 1800 ºF prior to entering a rolling mill Material : Customer supplied 4” (102mm) diameter/24” (610mm) long titanium billet Temperature: 1800 ºF (1000 ºC) Frequency : 2.7 kHz Induction Heating Equipment:medium frequency MFS-200kW 1.5-4.5 kHz induction heating … Read more

induction heating nanoparticle solution

induction heating nanoparticle solution in order to get it to rise 40 ºC Induction heating is a convenient and flexible method that can deliver high-intensity magnetic fields to nanoparticles to achieve concentrated and targeted treatment, which has aroused great interest in the medical research community. Induction heating systems are used in hyperthermia to generate alternating … Read more

induction heating process with inert gas and vacuum technology

induction heating process with inert gas and vacuum technology Special materials or application areas require a special processing. The flux used during the conventional induction brazing process is often the cause corrosion and burns on the workpiece. Flux inclusions may also lead to an impairment of the component properties. Furthermore, due to the existing oxygen … Read more

induction hardening process

High Frequency Induction Hardening  Process Induction hardening is used in particular for the hardening/quenching of bearing surfaces and shafts as well as intricately shaped parts where only a specific area needs to be heated. Through the choice of the operating frequency of the induction heating system, the resulting depth of penetration is defined. Additionally, it … Read more

Induction stress relieving flat blanks

Induction Stress relieving is applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and is intended to remove internal residual stresses generated by prior manufacturing processes such as machining, cold rolling and welding. Without it, subsequent processing may give rise to unacceptable distortion and/or the material can suffer fromservice problems such as stress corrosion cracking. The treatment … Read more

Induction Spring Heating Application

An apparatus for Induction hardening a spring having a helical or beehive shape. The apparatus has a rotation support system and an induction heating system. The rotation support system is designed to support the spring while the spring is heated by the induction heating system. The induction heating system has an induction coil system having … Read more

Induction Heat Treating Surface Process

What is induction heat treating surface process? Induction heating is a heat treating process that allows very targeted heating of metals by electromagnetic induction. The process relies on induced electrical currents within the material to produce heat and is the preferred method used to bond, harden or soften metals or other conductive materials. In modern … Read more

Jointing Metal with Brazing and Welding

Jointing Metal with Brazing and Welding There are several methods available for joining metals, including welding, brazing and soldering. What is the difference between welding and brazing? What is the difference between brazing and soldering? Let’s explore the distinctions plus comparative advantages as well as common applications. This discussion will deepen your understanding of metal … Read more