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High frequency Induction brazing copper tube to brass fitting process Objective Induction brazing copper to brass fitting using brazing alloy and flux within 60 seconds. Equipment 1.DW-UHF-6KW-III handheld induction heater 2 turn helical coil Materials • Brass fitting • Copper tubing • Silver brazing alloy (pre-formed) • Flux Key Parameters Temperature: Approximately 1350 °F (732°C) […]

Induction Brazing Machine&Soldering Equipment Main characteristics:     1.  IGBT module and inverting technologies of the first generation been used.     2.  Simple structure and light weight and easy for maintenance.     3.  Simple to operat ,afew minutes is enough to learn it.     4.  Simple to install,installation can be done by unprofessional person very easily.     5.  advantages of the […]

Why choose Induction Brazing? Induction heating technology is steadily displacing open flames and ovens as the preferred heat source in brazing. Seven key reasons explain this growing popularity: 1. Speedier solution Induction heating transfers more energy per square millimeter than an open flame. Put simply, induction can braze more parts per hour than alternative processes. 2. Quicker throughput Induction […]

Brazing Cutting Tools with Induction Objective: To braze cone and shaft for a cutting tool Material Customer supplied parts Temperature indicating paint Braze preforms Temperature 1300 – 1400 ºF (704 – 760 °C) Frequency 400 kHz Equipment: DW-UHF-6kw-I, 250-600 kHz induction heating system, including remote heat station using two 0.66 μF capacitors (total 1.32 μF) […]