Induction Brazing Copper To Copper Parts

Induction Brazing Copper to Copper parts Spacer. The workpieces were heated to 2012˚F (1100˚C) in 1 minutes.

Recommended Equipment
The recommended equipment for this application is the  DW-HF-45kw induction heating machine

induction brazing machineMaterials:

  • Copper section: 0.55” thick x 1.97” long x 1.18” wide x 0.2” long (14 mm thick & 50 mm long x 30 mm wide x 5 mm long)
  • Copper spacer: 0.55” thick x 1.57” long x 0.79” wide x 0.08” long (14 mm thick & 40 mm long x 20 mm wide x 2 mm long)
  • Brazing alloy: 5% silver brazing rod

Power: induction heating power supplies up to 30 kW
Temperature: 2012˚F (1100˚C)
Time: 1 minutes

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