induction brazing brass pipe to brass part

Objective High Frequency Induction Brazing brass pipe to brass part and a brass tip in under one minute using induction. Equipment DW-UHF-6KW-III handheld induction brazing machine 2 turns coil Materials • Wide brass part • Brass pipe • Silver-based brazing alloy, provided by customer Test 1 – Pipe to wide part: Key Parameters Power: 4.4 … Read more

Brazing Copper to Brass Pipe With Induction

Brazing Copper to Brass Pipe With Induction

Objective: Brazing several brass and copper assemblies used in water faucets Material braze, white flux

Temperature 1350 °F 730°C

Frequency 200 or 280 kHz (coil dependant)

Equipment DW-UHF-10KW induction heating system, remote work head with two 1μF capacitors and a 3-turn helical coil

Process: Three helical coils are used separately to braze a range of provided parts. Parts are assembled with flux and a braze alloy and then heated. The heat time varies from part to part with large parts taking less than 3 minutes and, the smaller parts heated in less than 20 seconds. After heating the parts are quench-cooled.


Repeatability: the inherent precision of induction heating supports a process which is highly repeatable.

Economy: the process allows for the use of higher temperature braze alloy than a flame process

Brazing Copper Tube to Brass Fitting With Induction

Brazing Copper Tube to Brass Fitting With Induction 

Objective: To use induction heating to braze a copper tube to a brass fitting using a preform braze wire. Processing is to occur under an atmosphere of Nitrogen and 4% Hydrogen gas. The braze preforms melt at 1190°F, but the parts need to be kept below 1300°F. The parts need to be processed at a rate of 175 to 200 per hour which translates into 18 seconds of heating time per part.

Material Copper Tubing Measuring 0.5″ OD and 2″ Long, Brass fitting, Braze Preform, No Flux.

Temperature Above 1190°F but not to exceed 1300°F

Frequency :300 kHz

Equipment: DW-UHF-10KW output solid state induction heating power supply with three (3) busses, eight (8) capacitors totaling 0.66 μF, and a unique four turn helical coil. Process The DW-UHF-10KW output solid state power supply along with a unique four turn helical coil were used to achieve the following results.

Results • The requested atmosphere was provided under a bell jar by supplying 95% Nitrogen/5%Hydrogen at a rate of 25-30 cfh. • A heating cycle of only 10 seconds was necessary to attain sufficient braze flow which surpasses the required limit of 18 seconds.