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Brazing Copper to Brass Pipe With Induction Objective: Brazing several brass and copper assemblies used in water faucets Material braze, white flux Temperature 1350 °F 730°C Frequency 200 or 280 kHz (coil dependant) Equipment DW-UHF-10KW induction heating system, remote work head with two 1μF capacitors and a 3-turn helical coil Process: Three helical coils are […]

Brazing Copper Tube to Brass Fitting With Induction  Objective: To use induction heating to braze a copper tube to a brass fitting using a preform braze wire. Processing is to occur under an atmosphere of Nitrogen and 4% Hydrogen gas. The braze preforms melt at 1190°F, but the parts need to be kept below 1300°F. […]