Brazing Brass Pipe With Induction

Brazing Brass Pipe With Induction

Objective: Block is heated to 1400°F to braze trap tube to assembly

Material :brass block and pre-formed tubes braze pre-forms

Temperature: 1400 ºF (760°C)

Frequency: 350 kHz

Equipment DW-UHF-10KW induction heating system including • Coil: custom-designed 2-turn split-helical • Workhead: contains two 1.0μF capacitors (0.5 μF total)

Process The brass parts, braze pre-form and flux are assembled and located within the custom-designed coil. Induction heating of the joint is accomplished in 45 seconds.


Economy: induction heats only the material within the coil; no energy is wasted heating the surrounding materials and air; no flame or gasses required for heating Control: process lends itself to the use of braze pre-forms; process easily adapted to automation

Efficiency: energy is expended only during the joint formation


Brazing Copper to Brass Pipe With Induction

Brazing Copper to Brass Pipe With Induction

Objective: Brazing several brass and copper assemblies used in water faucets Material braze, white flux

Temperature 1350 °F 730°C

Frequency 200 or 280 kHz (coil dependant)

Equipment DW-UHF-10KW induction heating system, remote work head with two 1μF capacitors and a 3-turn helical coil

Process: Three helical coils are used separately to braze a range of provided parts. Parts are assembled with flux and a braze alloy and then heated. The heat time varies from part to part with large parts taking less than 3 minutes and, the smaller parts heated in less than 20 seconds. After heating the parts are quench-cooled.


Repeatability: the inherent precision of induction heating supports a process which is highly repeatable.

Economy: the process allows for the use of higher temperature braze alloy than a flame process