Induction Brazing copper to copper pipes

High Frequency Induction Brazing copper to copper pipes Process Objective: Induction Brazing copper to copper pipes Equipment: DW-UHF-6KW-III handheld induction brazing heater Materials:  Six Copper pipes (9.5 mm) Power: 6 kW Temperature: 1475 °F/ 800°C Time: 20 seconds Process: The DW-UHF-6KW-III handheld induction brazing system with robot can automatically induction braze multiple joints located in predefined positions. For this brazing application a … Read more

Brazing Thin Copper Tube With Induction

Brazing Thin Copper Tube With Induction 

Objective: To braze a thin copper oval tube to a brass fitting at 1400 º F and to cap the other end of the copper tube with a brass plate.

Material: Brass fitting – 0.875 in2 and 2.5 in long (22mm2 x 64mm) Copper tube 0.01 in (0.254mm) wall Brass plate 0.10 in (2.54mm) thick and 0.5 in X 0.25 inch Braze alloy shim and white flux

Temperature: 1400 ºF (760 °C)

Frequency: 300 kHz

Equipment: DW-UHF-10KW induction power supply equipped with a remote heat station using two 1.32μF capacitors (total 0.66 μF) Two custom-designed induction heating coils. Process A split, f our-turn induction coil is used to deliver the heat energy into the brass fitting (Fig. 1). To prevent over heating of the edges of the brass fitting and the thin copper tube, a smaller coil diameter (Fig. 2) was added to deliver heat into the brass fitting. A braze shim preform is placed at the joint area, and is then covered with white flux. The height of the coil is adjusted to deliver proportional heat to the assembly. This setting raises the temperature of the thicker brass piece and the thin copper tube at the same rate enabling a uniform flow of the braze shim preform. The other end of the copper tube is brazed successfully using a 2-turn helical coil (Fig.3.)

Results/Benefits • Preservation of the copper’s mechanical properties • Minimized heat migration along both ends of the tube • Reduced heat-up time (under 60 sec.)

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