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Brazing Carbide To Steel Shank with Induction Objective :Brazing carbide teeth to a steel jaw in less than 5 minutes Material: Steel pipe jaw, 0.5” (12.7mm) dia, 1.25” (31.75mm) long, 0.25”(6.35mm) thick carbide teeth, black flux and silver copper braze shims Temperature: 1292ºF (700ºC) Frequency: 300kHz Equipment • DW-UHF-10kW induction heating system, equipped with a remote workhead containing […]

Brazing Carbide-Steel Tool with Induction Objective: Provide a solution to this steel-carbide brazing application Material • Body 10mm; carbide tip 57 x 35 x 3 mm • Braze shim • Braze flux white Temperature: 750°C (1382ºF) Frequency: 150 kHz Equipment DW-UHF-20KW induction heating system, equipped with a remote heat station containing (2) 1.0 μF capacitors […]

Brazing Carbide To Steel With Induction  Objective: Braze carbide rotary file assemblies with uniform concentricity in an aerospace application Material : • Carbide blank • High speed steel shank • Temperature indicating paint • Braze shim and black flux Temperature 1400°F (760°C) Frequency 252 kHz Equipment DW-UHF-10kw induction heating system, equipped with a remote heat […]