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Induction Brazing Carbide to Steel

Objective High frequency induction brazing carbide to steel. Recommended Equipment The recommended equipment for this application is the DW-HF-45KW induction brazing machine with the remote heating station. Materials: Large magnetic steel drill head with carbides. Head is approx. 8” OD x 4” (203.2mm OD x 101.6mm) thick, shaft is 11” (279.4mm) long x 2”(50.8mm) to … Read more

Induction Brazing Carbide To Steel

Objective Induction Brazing carbide to steel parts Equipment DW-HF-15kw Induction Heating Power Supply HLQ custom coil Key Parameters Power: 5.88 kW Temperature: Approximately 1500°F (815°C) Time: 10 sec Materials Coil-  2 helical turns (20 mm ID) 1 planar turn (40 mm OD, 13 mm Height) Carbide-  13 mm OD, 3 mm wall thickness Steel piece– 20 … Read more