Induction Preheat Welding Machine


MYD series of induction preheat welding machines are used for weld, bending, piping, coating, fitting, stress relief, pre-weld heat and post-weld heat treatment.


  • Air cooling: working well at -10℃-40℃
  • Induction heating power: To heat the work job with insulation blanket around it. High heating speed and heating efficiency with little energy lost.
  • PLC touching screen: Intuitive to see and easy to operate.
  • Soft induction coil: Easy to wind on different work piece.
  • The Removable opening Induction coil: easy to operate and move.
  • Temperature recorder: Record the whole heating curve.
  • Temperature Controller: Heating according to the heating requirement details with the ±3℃ tolerance.


  • Pre-heating: For coating, bending, fitting, unfitting, welding.
  • Post-welding heat treatment: Tank, boiler or other metal jobs
  • Heating: Metal sheet heating, Mold heating, shipboard, zinc bath, large& irregular metal parts
  • Pipeline heating: Pipeline oil, pipeline gas, pipeline water, pipeline petrochemical and other pipeline material


  • Digital Display and Adjust for parameters, like output power and temperature setting up.
  • High Efficiency: Electric Power is converted directly to heat power with low power loss.
  • Failure Alert: Once operation occurs, a sounding alarm is activated and error box shown on PLC touch screen.
  • Integrated Module Design: System is more stable and low cost for maintenance.
  • Digital Recorder with optional printer is able to record the temperature data and create chart trends of the heating progress.
  • Accurate Measurement for temperature: Multi-points to detecting temperature; 6 channels for temperature control with ± 3° C tolerance; Evenly heating.
  • Air Cool System allows system work at ultra circumstance: -30 º C~ 50º C
  • IGBT Module: We adapt advanced IGBT Technology.
  • Smart Control: All operation is micro computed and controlled through PLC touch screen.
  • Easy to Install: Quick-release coupling.
  • Easy To Move: Through Lifting Eye or Wheel System.
  • Safe: Automatic Protect for Power Failure.
  • Universal Connector: Water-proof; Insulation.
Input Power3*380VAC (Default), 3*220VAC (Optional), 3*440VAC (Optional)
Output Frequency2KHZ ~ 36KHz
Output Power40KW50KW60KW80KW100KW120KW
Input Current60A75A90A120A150A180A
Weight130KG136 KG140 KG145 KG168 KG180 KG
Packing Size900*660*1560mm

MYD series induction heater to compare the resistant heat:

  • Uniform
  • High Speed
  • Energy Saving: 30-80%