Induction Soldering Coaxial Cable

Objective Induction Soldering coaxial cable to connector ring and pin in two steps in under 5 seconds by reaching a temperature of 500°F (260°C) with induction heating. Equipment DW-UHF-6KW-III handheld induction heater Channel coil Materials • No-flux solder wire • Coaxial cable • Cable connector • Center pin Key Parameters Power: 3.0kW Temperature: 662°F (350°C) … Read more

Induction Soldering Cables to Terminals

Objective Induction Soldering cables to terminals in under 20 seconds using induction. Equipment DW-UHF-6KW-I handheld induction heater Materials • 0.078″2 (50mm2) cable terminal • 0.078″2 (50mm2) cable • Soldering alloy Sn60Pb38Cu2 Key Parameters Power: 2.8 kW Time: 15-20 sec Temperature: 500° F (260° C) Process: The 0.078″2 (50mm2) cable terminal is attached to 0.078″2 (50mm2) cable The assembly is positioned inside the … Read more

Induction Soldering Brass to Steel Plate

High Frequency Induction Soldering Brass to Steel Plate Technology Objective High Frequency Induction Soldering brass to steel plate Equipment DW-UHF-6KW-I handheld induction brazing heater Materials Steel plate to brass part induction soldering using Harris Stay-Brite #8 Silver Bearing Solder and Harris Bridgit Lead Free Soldering Flux. Key Parameters Power: 2kW Temperature: 535°F to 585°F (279°C … Read more

Induction Soldering Wire To Aluminum Lug

Objective The objective of this induction soldering wire to aluminum lug in under 30 seconds. Equipment DW-UHF-6KW-III handheld induction soldering heater HLQ custom coil Key Parameters Power: 1.75 kW Temperature: Approximately 250°C (482°F) Time: 25 seconds Materials Aluminum Lug Litz Cables Induction Soldering Process: In order to start the induction soldering process, the aluminum lug … Read more

Induction Soldering Brass Corner Joint

Hig Frequency Induction Soldering Brass Corner Joint Objective Successfully solder two 45° brass corner joints. Equipment: DW-UHF-10kw induction soldering heater Materials StayBrite #8 silver solder supplied by customer Bridgit solder flux supplied by customer Brass corner joint Pancake coil Key Parameters Power: 5.5 kW Temperature: Approximately 550° F (288° C) Time: 20 sec Process: Flux … Read more

Induction Soldering Copper Tap

Induction Soldering Copper Tap on a Speaker Ring with IGBT Induction Heater

Objective Heat copper tab until the solder reflows.
Material Copper tab 0.25 X 0.25 inch square about 0.05 inches thick. Lead free solder material (higher melting temperature than regular solder.)
Temperature 500 ºF for 1.25 seconds
Frequency 286 kHz
Equipment DW-UHF-4.5 kW, 150-400 kHz solid state induction heating system equipped with a remote heat station containing one 1.2 μF capacitor and a specially-designed work coil..
A multi-turn helical coil about 3/16 inch internal diameter made out of 1/16 inch diameter tubing.
Process Solder wire is fed onto speaker tab area using an automatic wire feeder. It is then heated to re-flow the solder.
Results/Benefits With an efficient coil design induction heating easily reaches the desired reflow temperature in a very short amount of time.

induction soldering copper