Induction Soldering Cables to Terminals

Objective Induction Soldering cables to terminals in under 20 seconds using induction. Equipment DW-UHF-6KW-I handheld induction heater Materials • 0.078″2 (50mm2) cable terminal • 0.078″2 (50mm2) cable • Soldering alloy Sn60Pb38Cu2 Key Parameters Power: 2.8 kW Time: 15-20 sec Temperature: 500° F (260° C) Process: The 0.078″2 (50mm2) cable terminal is attached to 0.078″2 (50mm2) cable The assembly is positioned inside the … Read more

Induction Soldering Cable to Metallic Plate

Objective The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the induction soldering cable to metallic plate process. Recommended Equipment The recommended equipment for this test is the DW-UHF-6kw-I handheld induction heater. Key Parameters Power: Up to 0.72 kW Temperature: 482°F (250°C) Time: 4.5 seconds to 14 seconds Results and Conclusions: The results were satisfactory at … Read more

Induction Soldering Brass Corner Joint

Hig Frequency Induction Soldering Brass Corner Joint Objective Successfully solder two 45° brass corner joints. Equipment: DW-UHF-10kw induction soldering heater Materials StayBrite #8 silver solder supplied by customer Bridgit solder flux supplied by customer Brass corner joint Pancake coil Key Parameters Power: 5.5 kW Temperature: Approximately 550° F (288° C) Time: 20 sec Process: Flux … Read more