Induction Soldering Coaxial Cable to Connector Ring

Objective Induction Soldering coaxial cable to connector ring and pin in two steps in under 5 seconds by reaching a temperature of 500°F (260°C) with induction heating. Equipment  DW-UHF-6KW-I handheld induction Soldering Heater Materials • No-flux solder wire • Coaxial cable • Cable connector • Center pin Key Parameters Power: 1.0kW Temperature: 662°F (350°C) Time: … Read more

Induction Soldering Cable to Metallic Plate

Objective The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the induction soldering cable to metallic plate process. Recommended Equipment The recommended equipment for this test is the DW-UHF-6kw-I handheld induction heater. Key Parameters Power: Up to 0.72 kW Temperature: 482°F (250°C) Time: 4.5 seconds to 14 seconds Results and Conclusions: The results were satisfactory at … Read more