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Induction Brazing Aluminum Tube T Joints

High Frequency Induction Brazing Aluminum Tube T Joints Objective Induction brazing of multiple in line aluminum T tube joints for less than 10 seconds each and brazing an aluminum fitting into an aluminum tube 1.25″ (32mm). The application is about brazing of an aluminum tube assembly consisting of two parallel tubes with outer diameter of … Read more

Induction Aluminum Brazing Process

Induction Aluminum Brazing Process

Induction aluminum brazing is becoming more and more common in industry. A typical example is brazing various pipes to an automotive heat exchanger body. Aluminum requires a lot of energy to heat using induction and its thermal conductivity is 60% compared to copper. Coil design and time for the heat to flow is critical in a successful induction brazing process for aluminum parts. Recent advances in lower temperature aluminum braze materials have allowed induction to effectively replace flame and furnace heating in high volume brazing of aluminum assemblies.

Successful Induction brazing of aluminum parts requires the correct braze filler material for the aluminum alloy used in the parts and the correct flux for the braze alloy. Braze filler manufacturers have their own proprietary aluminum braze alloys and flux materials that work with their alloys.