Brazing Aluminum Tubing to Aluminum Parts

Objective The objective of the application test is induction brazing aluminum tubing to aluminum parts in less than 15 seconds. We have aluminum tubing and an aluminum “receiver”. The brazing alloy is an alloy ring, and has a flow temperature of 1030°F (554°C). Equipment DW-HF-15kw induction heating machine   Induction heating coil Materials • Aluminum … Read more

Brazing Brass to Aluminum with Induction

Brazing Brass to Aluminum with Induction

Objective: Copper ‘tees’ and ‘ells’ are to be brazed to the aluminum body of a refrigeration valve

Material customer’s valve copper fittings braze

Temperature 2550 ºF (1400°C)

Frequency 360 kHz

Equipment DW-UHF-10KW induction heating system including a workhead containing two 1.5μF capacitors (total 0.75μF) and a three-turn helical coil

Process The valve is placed inside the coil and RF power is applied until the part is heated to the required temperature and the braze is seen to flow into the joint. Two tube sizes were run using the same induction system settings with differing cycle times.

Results/Benefits • energy is applied only to the zone to be heated • heating of the joint/braze is uniform and repeatable

Induction Aluminum Brazing Process

Induction Aluminum Brazing Process

Induction aluminum brazing is becoming more and more common in industry. A typical example is brazing various pipes to an automotive heat exchanger body. Aluminum requires a lot of energy to heat using induction and its thermal conductivity is 60% compared to copper. Coil design and time for the heat to flow is critical in a successful induction brazing process for aluminum parts. Recent advances in lower temperature aluminum braze materials have allowed induction to effectively replace flame and furnace heating in high volume brazing of aluminum assemblies.

Successful Induction brazing of aluminum parts requires the correct braze filler material for the aluminum alloy used in the parts and the correct flux for the braze alloy. Braze filler manufacturers have their own proprietary aluminum braze alloys and flux materials that work with their alloys.

Brazing Aluminum Pipes Assembly With Induction

Brazing Aluminum Pipes Assembly With Induction

Objective: Braze an aluminum assembly to 968 ºF (520 ºC) within 20 seconds

Material : Customer supplied 1.33″ (33.8 mm) O.D. aluminum tube and aluminum mating part ,Aluminum braze alloy

Temperature: 968 ºF (520 ºC)

Frequency 50 kHz

Equipment: DW-HF-35KW,30-80 kHz induction heating system equipped with a remote heat station containing one 53 μF capacitor A two-position helical induction heating coil designed and developed specifically for this application.

Process: Braze material was applied between the tubing and the mating part. The assembly was placed inside the coil and heated for approximately 40 seconds. With a two-position coil, two parts can be heated simultaneously, which means one part would be completed every 15-20 seconds. Braze material was stick fed, which created a good joint. The heating time with two parts being heated simultaneously meets the client’s objective, and represents a significant improvement in regards to speed over using a torch.


  • Speed: The recommended approach cut their heating time in half when compared to using a torch
  • Part quality: Induction heating is a repeatable method with more consistency than a torch can generally deliver
  • Safety: Induction heating is a clean, precise method that does not involve an open flame like a torch, which results in a safer work environment