Aluminum Tubes Induction Brazing

In order to increase the efficiency and to reduce the thermal effect of metal heating, the induction brazing technology is proposed. Advantage of this technology consists mainly in exact location of heating supplied to the brazed joints. Based on the results of numerical simulation it was then possible to design the parameters necessary to achieve … Read more

Induction brazing aluminum pipes

Objective High frequency induction brazing aluminum pipes Equipment DW-UHF-6kw-III handheld induction brazing machine Materials Аluminum to aluminum tube Flared at interface 0.25” (6.35mm) Brazed to steel tube 0.19” OD (4.82mm) Power: 4 kW Temperature: 1600°F (871°C) Time: 5 sec Results and Conclusions: Induction heating provides: Strong durable joints Selective and precise heat zone, resulting in less part distortion … Read more

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