Induction Melting Glass


Induction melting glass furnace with IGBT Induction Heating Equipment

Objective: To heat a metal susceptor vessel to 2200°F within 25 minutes for a fiberglass melting application
Material: Metal susceptor vessel
Temperature :2200°F
Frequency:300 kHz
Equipment:DW-MF-70kW RF Induction heating power supply, remote heat station and a specially-designed induction coil.
Process: A specially-designed induction coil, shaped to conform to the metal vessel, was used to deliver uniform heat to the vessel. Initial tests were conducted to establish a heating pattern and time-to-temperature. RF induction heating power was applied for 11 minutes and the vessel reached a
temperature of 2,200°F. An additional 3kW power supply was suggested for use when the glass in the vessel is emptied through the drain tube.
Results: Uniform and repeatable results were achieved with the DAWEI induction heating power supply and coil. The vessel can be maintained at 2200°F so that glass can be melted for fiber drawing.
induction melting glass

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