1600.C 1700.C electric glass melting furnace


1600.C 1700.C electric glass melting furnace manufacturer and supplier

-Electric Glass melting furnace-High temperature electric ceramic melting furnace is widely applicable for  the development of special equipment and scientific Research Institute of colleges and universities,laboratory and industrial and mining enterprises of ceramics,metallurgy,chemical industry, machinery, electronics, glass, refractories, the development of new materials, special materials, building materials,metals and other compounds sintering melting, materials analysis, production.

This melting furnace mainly can apply in  ceramic glaze, ceramic,glass,enamel and other industries laboratory preparation of frit,the glass flux with low temperature,porcelain enamel and anchoring agent,also can meet the needs of small enterprises for the production of equipment used.

Technical Data

KSS-1700 Glass Melting furnace chamber (inner working zone) use imported Morgan materials fibers,small of heat capacity,  warming up quickly( up to the set temperature need 45 minutes), saving of energy, use of high-quality crucible with 1L, 3l, 5L, 10L, 20L capacity.wear well, using intelligent digital programmable temperature meter,fully automatic temperature warming, heat preservation,cooling and over temperature protection, using silicon mollybdenum rods (MoSi2) heaters.Temperature control precsion is 1 /-1 .C
Model : KSS-1400,KSS-1600, KSS-1700 Glass Melting Furnace
Working temp : 0-1700.C
Max Temp : 1720.C
Crucible materials : AZS, Zircon mullite, corundum-mullite, fused silica.
Crucible capacity(Liter) : 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L
Voltage AC : 220V.380V,50Hz/60Hz.
Heating rate : 0~20°C / min ( < 10°C)
Temperature Accuracy : ± 1 °C
Heating elements : Silicon molybdenum rods(MoSi2)
Furnace temperature field uniformity : ± 1 C
Thermcouple : B Type
Furnace structure : Double shell steel case with air cooling
Temperature controller : *PID microcomputer control, automatic constant

temperature,rapid temperature compensation.

*16 programmable segments for precise control

*Built in protectionfor overheated and broken thermal couple.

*Large digital control panel for easy operation.


The following models can also be customized according to customer requirements:

Furnace model  Working Temp Crucible capacity(Liter) Furnace crucible size(ID x OD x H)
KSS-1400 0-1400°C 1L Φ85x150x300 mm
KSS-1400 0-1400°C 3L Φ138x198x300 mm
KSS-1400 0-1400°C 5L Φ160x230x300 mm
KSS-1400 0-1400°C 10L Φ265x310x300 mm
KSS-1400 0-1400°C 20L Φ265x310x400 mm
Furnace model Working Temp Crucible capacity(Liter) Furnace crucible size(ID x OD x H)
KSS-1600 0-1600°C 1L Φ85x150x300 mm
KSS-1600 0-1600°C 3L Φ138x198x300 mm
KSS-1600 0-1600°C 5L Φ160x230x300 mm
KSS-1600 0-1600°C 10L Φ265x310x300 mm
KSS-1600 0-1600°C 20L Φ265x310x400 mm
Furnace model Working Temp Crucible capacity(Liter) Furnace crucible size(ID x OD x H)
KSS-1700 0-1700°C 1L Φ85x150x300 mm
KSS-1700 0-1700°C 3L Φ138x198x300 mm
KSS-1700 0-1700°C 5L Φ160x230x300 mm
KSS-1700 0-1700°C 10L Φ265x310x300 mm
KSS-1700 0-1700°C 20L Φ265x310x400 mm


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