Induction Heating Sealing


Induction Heating Sealing With High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

Induction heating provides an elegant means of sealing aluminum covers on jars of food products. The Induction Heating Sealing packaging method assures tamper protection, safety, hygiene and product preservation. Induction heating of the aluminum film increases the temperature of the sealing product applied to the side of the cover in contact with the jar. This heating is combined with pressure applied to the cover for 0.5 to 1.5s. This process is applied to all shapes of containers and for a wide range of materials, including: glass, cardboard, and plastics (PE, PP, PVC…).

In all cases there is no contact between the inductor and the cover. In addition to this advantage, there are several reasons why this new method is increasingly used:

■ The heat is generated in the cover itself as
near to sealing surface as possible. The
process is thus simplified and the problems
associated with the overheating of resistor
type sealing heads are avoided.
■ The induction heat sealing method can be used for circular, oval,
square, rectangular or other shapes
■ The medium frequency generator is made
using solid state components and has no
parts subject to wear during the heat sealing process.

We supply several types of Induction Heating Sealing systems:

■ One-step induction heat sealing.
■ Continuous induction heat sealing before encapsulation.
■ Static induction heat sealing before encapsulation.