High Frequency Induction Brazing Diamond Inserts

High Frequency Induction Brazing Diamond Inserts

Objective: Induction Brazing diamond inserts to a steel drilling ring

Material : • steel ring and diamond inserts • Braze shim preform • Flux

Temperature :1300 – 1350 (700 – 730) °F (°C)

Frequency :78 kHz

Equipment: DW-HF-15kW, induction heating system, equipped with a remote heat station containing two 0.5 μF capacitors (total 0.25 μF) An induction heating coil designed and developed specifically for this application.

Process: A multi-turn, internal-external helical coil (A) is used to generate the required heating pattern. Initial tests on the ring alone determine system tuning. Flux is applied to the part and the braze shims are inserted into the counter-bored holes (B). This is followed by the synthetic diamonds. The part is loaded into the coil and weight is placed onto the diamonds (C). RF Induction Heating power is applied until the braze flows. The power is turned off and the part air cools to room temperature.

Results/Benefits • reduced ring warping compared to furnace induction heating • decreased cycle time due to reduced ramp-up and cooldown times