Tilting melting gold furnace with induction


Tilting melting gold furnace with induction manufacturer and supplier in China

Product Description

Product name: Tilting Gold Melting Machine

Color: Blue and orange for option

Model :DW-TGM

Size : 600*510*1080mm

Net weight: 110 kg

Melting Capacity : 2kg,3kg,4kg,5kg,6kg,8kg

Warranty: 1 year


1. Double IGBT technology with compact, special casting design

2. Convenient operation owe to additional tilting function

3. Safety operation during whole melting process, you only need to move the tilting handle to pour liquid metal ingot mould as melting finished

4. Fully equipped protections: overheating protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, phase fault protection to strengthen safety operation once again.

5. 100% full load, 24 hours continuous working.

6. Quick temp rising, electricity saving, low melting cost with high cost efficiency

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