Semi-Automatic Induction Foging Rod Furnace


Induction Forging Rod Furnace With Semi-Automatic Feeder

Main parts:

  • M.F Induction Heating Generator (power supply).
  • Compensation Capacitor unit.
  • Heating coil and accessories
  • Pneumatic rod feeder (Handling system)
  • Stand or working table.
Model DW-MF-45KW DW-MF-70KW DW-MF-90KW DW-MF-110KW DW-MF-160KW
Applications Rod about
Rod about φ15-50mm Rod about φ15-80mm Rod about φ15-80mm
Input power max 45KW 70KW 90KW 110KW 160KW
Output power max 45KVA 70KVA 90KVA 110KVA 160KVA
Input Voltage desire 3phases, 380V±10% 50 or 60HZ
Oscillate frequency 1KHz-20KHz,according to the application ,normal about  4KHZ、8KHZ、11KHZ、15KHZ、20KHZ
Duty cycle 100%,24hours work


Main characteristics:

  • Suitable for rod heating of steel,cooper,bronze and aluminum.
  • Portable and light weight, easily installed beside any pressing equipment.
  • Installation and operation can be very easily to use.
  • The rod can be rapidly heated to forging temperature to reduce the oxidation of the rod furnace and to raise  the quality of the parts.
  • With a very large range of frequency adaptable the rod larger than 15mm can be heated.more rapidly and  more evenly.
  • Designed to work continuously everyday.
  • Pneumatic rod feeding.
  • High efficiency,saving energy and cost.
  • Easy to change heating coil to heat rods of different size.
  • No preheating required just start the machine and can heat the components to a temperature of 1350 Degree Centigrade.
  • Full auto feeder system for rod bars.