Melting Metal Induction Furnace


Medium frequency IGBT melting metal induction furnace

Induction Melting Applications
    Medium frequency melting metal induction furnace are mainly used for the melting of steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, gold, and  aluminium materials, etc.  Melting capacity can be from 3KG to 2000KG.

Structure of the M. F. melting metal induction furnace
    The induction melting furnace set includes medium frequency generator, compensating capacitor and melting furnace, infrared temperature sensor and temperature controller can also be included if ordered.

Three types of melting furnaces can be ed according to the way of pouring out, They are tilting furnace, push-up furnace and stationary furnace.

According to the method of tilting, tilting furnace is divided into three kinds:  manual tilting furnace, electrical tilting furnace and hydraulic tilting furnace.

Main features of M.F. melting furnaces

1. M.F. melting machines can be used for the melting of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, gold, silver and so on.Because of the stirring effect which caused by the magnetic force, the melting pool can be stirred during the melting course to ease the floating of the flux and oxides to produce high quality casting parts.

2. Wide frequency range from 1KHZ to 20KHZ, working frequency can be designed by changing the coil and compensating capacitor according to the melting material, quantity, stirring effect desire, working noise, melting efficiency and other factors.

3. Power efficiency is 20% higher than the SCR medium frequency machines;

4. Small and light, a lot of models can be ed to melt different amount of metals. Not only is it suitable for the factory, but also suitable for the college and researching companies to use.

Main models and melting abilities

The table below lists the main models and recommended maximum melting abilities. About 50 to 60 minutes are needed to finish one melting process at cool status of the furnace, at hot status of the furnace, only 20 to 30 minutes are needed.

Characteristics of M.F Induction Melting Furnaceinduction melting furnace
    1.  Better Heating penetration and even temperature inside the melting metal.
    2.  M.F field force can stir the melting  pool to achieve better melting quality.
    3.  Melting the Maximum quantity by the recommend machine according to above table the meltingtime is 30-50minutes,the first melting whenthe furnace  is cold ,and it will take about 20-30minutes for the later melting when the furnace is already hot.
    4.  Suitable for melting of steel,cooper,bronze,gold,silver and aluminum,stannum,maqnesium,stainless steel.
Input power max15KW25KW35KW45KW70KW90KW110KW160KW
Input voltage70-550V70-550V70-550V70-550V70-550V70-550V70-550V70-550V
Input power desire3*380 380V±20% 50 or 60HZ
Oscillate frequency1KHZ-20KHZ,according to the application ,normal about4KHZ、8KHZ、11KHZ、15KHZ、20KHZ
Duty cycle100%24hours work
Main parts of the induction melting furnace system :
  1.  M.F Induction Heating Generator.
  2.  Melting Furnace.
  3.  Compensation Capacitor
Machine models and maximum melting ability:
ModelSteel and Stainless SteelGold,SilverAluminium
DW-MF-15 15KWMelting Furnace5KG or 10KG3KG
DW-MF-25 25KW Melting Furnace4KG or 8KG10KG or 20KG6KG
DW-MF-35 35KW Melting Furnace10KG or 14KG20KG or 30KG12KG
DW-MF-45 45KW Melting Furnace18KG or 22KG40KG or  50KG21KG
DW-MF-70 70KW Melting Furnace28KG60KG or  80KG30KG
DW-MF-90 90KW Melting Furnace50KG80KG or  100KG40KG
DW-MF-110 110KW Melting Furnace75KG100KG or  150KG50KG
DW-MF-160 160KW Melting Furnace100KG150KG or 250KG75KG

Compare with other equipment melting

1, VS resistance heated furnace
a, High heat efficiency ,melting fast.
b,Small size ,save energy 30%.
c, Resistance or silicon carbide stock easy to damage .
2, VS Coal ,Gas ,diesel furnace
a, Facilitate the adjustment solution composition and temperature ,the bubble of foundry less 1/3 to 1/4 ,reject rate down 1/2 to 2/3 ,so that cast have a higher mechanical strength;)
b, Reduced the oxidation of burning;
c, Induction melting can melt scrap of processing and the small pieces because of its electromagnetic stirring effect .reducing the cost of materials .Reduce environmental pollution ;noise is far below the towering equipment .Labor intensity of workers and working conditions have been improved;
d,Cast-iron crucible used in Coal and gas furnace is harmful to the aluminum alloy by increasing impurity. Graphite crucible used in induction melting without such disadvantages.)
3, VS SCR or Frequency Melting Furnace
a,High heat efficiency ,melting fast.
b,Small size ,save energy above 20%.
c,Electromagnetic stirring effect is slight so service life of crucible is extended.
d,By adjusting the frequency to achieve power regulation ,so melting speed fast ,material elements of burning loss less and better energy saving ,in particular the heating of stainless steel ,copper ,silicon ,aluminum and other non-magnetic material ,thus reducing the cost of the casting.

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