Induction Melting Furnace With Tilting Device


Induction Melting Funrace with Tilting Device-MF Series

Main Characteristics:

  • Better Heating penetration and even temperature inside the melting metal.
  • M.F field force can stir the melting  pool to achieve better melting quality.
  • Melting the Maximum quantity by the recommend machine according to above table the melting time is 30-50 minutes, the first melting when the furnace is cold ,and it will take about 20-30minutes for the later melting when the furnace is already hot.
  • Suitable for melting of steel,cooper,bronze,gold,silver and aluminum, sternum, magnesium, stainless steel.


Model DW-MF-15 DW-MF-25 DW-MF-35 DW-MF-45 DW-MF-70 DW-MF-90 DW-MF-110 DW-MF-160
Input power max 15KW 25KW 35KW 45KW 70KW 90KW 110KW 160KW
Input voltage 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V
Input power desire 3phases,380V±10%,50/60HZ
Oscillate frequency 1KHZ-20KHZ,according to the application ,normal about4KHZ、8KHZ、11KHZ、15KHZ、20KHZ
Duty cycle 100%24hours work
Weight 50KG 50KG 65KG 70KG 80KG 94KG 114KG 145KG
Cubage(cm) 27(W)x47(H)x56(L)cm 35x65x65cm 40x88x76cm


Maximum melting ability

Model Steel and Stainless Steel Gold, Silver Aluminum
DW-MF-15 Melting Furnace 5KG or 10KG 3KG
DW-MF-25 Melting Furnace 4KG or 8KG 10KG or 20KG 6KG
DW-MF-35 Melting Furnace 10KG or 14KG 20KG or 30KG 12KG
DW-MF-45 Melting Furnace 18KG or 22KG 40KG or  50KG 21KG
DW-MF-70 Melting Furnace 28KG 60KG or  80KG 30KG
DW-MF-90 Melting Furnace 50KG 80KG or  100KG 40KG
DW-MF-110 Melting Furnace 75KG 100KG or  150KG 50KG
DW-MF-160 Melting Furnace 100KG 150KG or 250KG 75KG



Main parts of the melting furnace system :

  • M.F Induction Heating Generator.
  • Tilting Melting Furnace.
  • Compensation Capacitor



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