Induction Heating Shrink Fitting Shafts and Bearings


The leader of Induction Heating System Manufacturer Specializing in Shrink Fitting Shafts,prheating shrink fit Bearings,holders,welding stress relieving,preheat welding heat treatment,PWHT.

MYD series of induction heating system for shrink fitting shafts and bearings,pipeline heating, pre-welding heating and post-welding heating treatment

Input Power 3*380VAC (Default), 3*220VAC (Optional), 3*440VAC (Optional)
Output Frequency 2KHZ ~ 30KHZ
Output Power 40KW 50KW 60KW 80KW 100KW 120KW
Input Current 60A 75A 90A 120A 150A 180A
Air Cooling Heating size:¢100-1500mm Size: 800*560*1350mm
DSP control Max:900℃; Heating Speed: 5-400℃/min Packing size:900*660*1560mm
6 Channels control 10 curves recorder Net weight: 120kg Gross weight with parts: 155-260kg
Main parts Induction coil K Thermocouple R-1006 Temperature Recorder
Connection cable Insulation Blanket Thermocouple Connection cable


Induction heating benefits

Compared to conventional preheating and stress relieving methods, induction heating offers numerous advantages, including improved heat uniformity and quality, reduced cycle time, and lower consumables costs. Induction heating is also safe, reliable and easy to use, and scores higher than alternative technologies .in power efficiency and versatility.

Features of DSP control induction system

• Air cooling: Convenience to install.
• Temperature recorder: Recording the whole heating curve and print it
• Soft induction coil: Easy to wind on different working piece.
• Temperature Controller: Keep the heating process same with PWHT requirement .
• PLC touching screen: Intuitive to see and easy to operate.
• Induction heating power: High heating speed and heating efficiency, electrical energy Saving
• Quickly heating speed. Can reach 300 degree C within 10 Min. Save heating times
• Electrical Power Saving: Can save more than 50% electrical power compare compared to conventional preheating and stress relieving methods

Applications and main using fields

MYD series induction heating system are air-cooling induction heating equipment with DSP system. Their main applications are pipeline heating, pre-heating of welding, post-welding heat treatment, stress relief, annealing, etc.
Coating heating, Shrink fitting
Weld preheating, Post-weld Heating Treatment, Stress relieving,Annealing
The industries involved are petrochemical, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, boilers, pressure vessels, cylinders, metal structure, spatial structure, railway bridges, electricity water, mine construction, vehicle manufacturing, nuclear power, mining, plastics processing.

The induction heating equipment including

1. Induction heating power
2. Induction coil (Clamp induction coil) or (Soft induction coil)
3. Connection cable for the convenient to link the coil and the heating power
4. Temperature controller
5. PLC touch screen
6. Temperature recorder with printer
7. K type thermocouple&connection cable
8. insulation Blanket
9. And other part.

Choose part

1. K type thermocouple
2. Thermocouple Welder
3. Insulation Blanket
4. And so on