Induction pipeline coating machine


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MYD series of induction heating system are used for PWHT,post weld, preheating welding,bending, piping, coating, fitting, stress relief, pre-weld heat and post-weld heat treatment.

PWHT after welding machine

Post weld heat treatment machine

Model and Technical Parameters

Input Power 3*380VAC (Default), 3*220VAC (Optional), 3*440VAC (Optional)
Output Frequency 2KHZ ~ 30KHZ
Output Power 40KW 50KW 60KW 80KW 100KW 120KW
Input Current 60A 75A 90A 120A 150A 180A
Air Cooling Heating size:¢100-1500mm Size: 800*560*1350mm
DSP control Max:900℃; Heating Speed: 5-400℃/min Packing size:900*660*1560mm
6 Channels control 10 curves recorder Net weight: 120kg Gross weight with parts: 155-260kg
Main parts Induction coil K Thermocouple R-1006 Temperature Recorder
Connection cable Insulation Blanket Thermocouple Connection cable

PWHT manufacturer

● Input Voltage: 380V, 3 phase, 50/60HZ

● Output Frequency: 2KHZ ~ 30KHZ

● Output Power: 2KW ~ 40KW

● Cooling: air cooled

●  Heating Speed: 5-400℃ per minute

● Heating temperature range: -30℃-900℃

● Heating parts size range:¢100-1500mmor equal

● Induction coil: 10-45meters long high temperature cable with air cooled

● Temperature recorder: 6 Channels for temperature controlling

● Thermocouple: K Type (5-45 Meters long link cable)

● Size: 800*560*1350mm Net weight: 120kg; Packing size:900*660*1560mm, Gross weight: 155kg.

The option parts of induction weld preheating machine:

● Induction heating power

● Induction coil (Clamp induction coil) or (Soft induction coil)

● Connection cable for the convenient to link the coil and the heating power

● Temperature controller

● PLC touch screen

● Temperature recorder with printer

● K type thermocouple&connection cable

● Insulation Blanket

● And other part.

MYD series induction post weld heat treatment machine,PWHT equipment to compare the resistant heat:

● Uniform

● High Speed

● Energy Saving: 30-80%


● Air cooling: working well at -10℃-40℃

● Induction heating power: To heat the work job with insulation blanket around it. High heating speed and heating efficiency with little energy lost.

● PLC touching screen: Intuitive to see and easy to operate.

● Soft induction coil: Easy to wind on different work piece.

● The Removable opening Induction coil: easy to operate and move.

● Temperature recorder: Record the whole heating curve.

● Temperature Controller: Heating according to the heating requirement details with the ±3℃ tolerance.

Applications&using fields

Our MYD series heating system are air-cooled induction heating equipment with DSP system.

Their main applications are pipeline heat, pre-weld heat, post-weld heat treatment, stress relief, injection mold heating, annealing, etc.

● Pre-heat:for coating, bending, fitting&unfitting, weld.

● Post-weld heat treatment: tank, boiler or other metal jobs

● Heating: mold heating, shipboard, zinc bath, large& irregular metal parts

● Pipeline heat: pipeline oil, pipeline gas, pipeline water, pipeline petrochemical and other pipeline material

The using fields involved are petrochemical, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, tanks, boilers, vessels, pressure vessels, cylinders, metal structure, spatial structure, railway bridges, electricity water, mine construction, vehicle manufacturing, nuclear power, mining, plastics processing, energy saving process, mold, screw barrel

Post weld heat treatment process

Ø Heaters and parts for choice

No. Heater&Parts Picture Quantity Remark
1. MYD-40KW heater
2. MYD-50KWheater
3. MYD-60KW heater
4. MYD-80KW heater
5. 25m cable coil(air cooling) Quick heat
6. 25m cable coil(water cooling)
7. 25m cable coil(high temperature)
8. Insulation blanket           (800℃ 1500*600*50mm)
9. Insulation blanket           (800℃ 900*600*50mm)
10. K type thermcouple            with 2m cable
11. Thermocouple Extend

Cable 10m

12. Connection Cable for

coil 10m

13. ER-1006

Temperature recorder


MYD induction heating machine for PWHT preheating welding and heat treatment(PWHT)

1. Weld joint heating&heat treatment(PWHT):steel pipeline, steel structure and steel sheet

2. Heating and insulation: pipeline liquild, reactor,kettle, boiler, tank

3. Thermal assembly Heating: bearing, axle sleeve, engine motor and motor shell

4. Hot drying: food material, metal, printing film drying and heat-shrink film

5. Factory warming: oil, gas and water heating

6. Coating heating: pipeline, steel board

7. Melting: copper,aluminum,tin,zinc,lead

Differences between MYD Series and MYDS Series induction PWHT equipment

Item Power(KW) PLC  Cooling type Coil Cooling Max Temperature Power Size Coil Length
MYD ≦360 10 Air cooling


Air for preheat

Water for PWHT

900℃ 10-360kw 10-50m
MYDS ≦360 4.3 Air cooling


Air 600℃ 2.5-360kw 30-80m
Item USB: DSP Recorder Connector Heating curve Storage Thermocouple


Remote control Coil Connector
MYDS × × × ×


Main applications of MYD Series and MYDS Series induction post weld heat treatment machine:

Item Preheat Weld heat PWHT Thermal Assembly Reactor heating Tank heating Injection

Mold heating

Water Gas Oil Pipeline Liquid

Difference between MYD induction weld heater and ceramic pad heating elements(Quick heating)

Item Heat Insulation Heating elements Heating lost Speed Efficiency Uniformity
Induction Direct Inner Less hot Less High High More
Ceramic Transfer Outer Hot More Low Low Less



Induction heating pipeline coating machine

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