High Speed Heating by Induction Heating System

One of the recent outstanding developments in the heat treating field has been the application of induction heating to localized surface hardening. The advances made contingent with the applica­tion of high frequency current have been nothing short of phenomenal. Starting a comparatively short time ago as a long-sought-after method of hardening bearing surfaces on crankshafts … Read more

induction hardening process

High Frequency Induction Hardening  Process Induction hardening is used in particular for the hardening/quenching of bearing surfaces and shafts as well as intricately shaped parts where only a specific area needs to be heated. Through the choice of the operating frequency of the induction heating system, the resulting depth of penetration is defined. Additionally, it … Read more

Induction Hardening Steel Part with High Frequency Hardening Machine

Induction Hardening Steel Part with High Frequency Hardening Machine The goal of this induction heating application is to heat complex shape steel tools for hardening and integrate the process on a conveyor line to increase productivity. Industry: Manufacturing Equipment: DW-UHF-10KW induction hardening machine Materials: Steel tool parts Power: 9.71kW Time: 17 secs Coil: Custom designed 4 turn helical coil. … Read more