small induction furnace


Small Induction Furnace For Melting Silver,Gold and Jewelry,etc.

Goldsmith small gold melting furnace for melting gold,silver,jewelry,copper,iron steel and stainless steel technical parameters

  1. Working voltage: 200v ^ 235v
  2. Working frequency: 50hz – 60hz
  3. Working power: 1kg 3500w /  2kg 5000w,The controller adjust the power
  4. Smelting capacity: 1kg gold or 2kg gold
  5. System protection: IGBT overheat and overcurrent protection, water shortage protection, over voltage / low voltage, surge, coil open / short circuit, with no pot circuit detection function, a variety of internal fault automatic detection procedures, such as automatic alarm protection when the drive frequency is wrong, More than 30 protection programs.

  6. Water-cooled system: comes with an external water pump, the flow rate is 1L water per minute.

  7. Melting temperature: The actual temperature can be heated up to 1600 degrees
  8. Dimensions: Approx. (280 length * 220 width * 320 height) Innovative design, small size and light weight.
  9. Machine gross weight: about 7.5KG
  10. Melting speed: 500g of copper, silver, gold. About 6 minutes (this is the actual test value). Materials such as stainless steel and iron can also be melted

Content: 1 furnacer, 1 tong, 1 set crucible

small gold melting furnace with medium frequency melting


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