Small Portable Gold Melting Furnace


Small Portable Gold Melting Furnace,New mini gold smelting furnace,electric gold melting furnace,small jewelry melting furnace

MF Series Portable Gold Melting Furnace
MF series apply SSR controller, alloy made heating element which has melting point up
to 1900°C ,high temp proof ceramic melting chamber , high aluminium protection and
other advanced, top quality components , in addition to unique design, all consolidate
furnace’s durability and working efficiency over current markets furnaces. Max temp of

Casing Color:  Black, red

Portable gold melting furnace

Small jewelry gold melting furnace

Mini jewelry gold melting furnace

Portable electric gold melting furnace

Portable Gold melting furnace


1.will melt gold machine put smoothly

2.and carefully examine whether products,then will cover intact,dissolve gold open check whether the vessel intact

3.connecting swith power supply,electrictity,light switch

4.and the normal work,intelligent temperature controller with the digital furnace temperature and slowly rising,if there are any complicatios,be sure to stop using it the process of operation,the furnace temperaturedegrees will spread,staff shall not move and collision,avoid scald and damage

6. in june,when the temperature reached gold and gold rains melring point,staff according to demand will continue to increase.when the maximum temperature reached 1,100 degrees in 28°C,will stop work or in cooling condition

7 gold,be sure to disconnect the power supply,then use to operate,go profssional pliers to ensure their safety

8 and shall immediately take gold after moving machines,owing to the high temperature,can easily damaged internal components,and burns itself to its cooling,10-20 minutes,to ensure the service life of the products

9 every time interval must be in 30-60 minutes,very easy to damage the product

10 for precision machine,plz dont remove the professional technology,to ensure accuracy

11 plz pay attention to safety and maintain normal use of gold melting furnace

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