Induction Preheating


What is induction preheating?

Induction preheating is a process where materials or workpieces are heated by induction prior to further processing. The reasons for pre-heating vary. In the cable and wire industry, cable cores are pre-heated before insulation extrusion. Steels strips are pre-heated prior to pickling and zinc coating. Induction preheating also softens metals before bending, and prepares tubes and pipes for welding. Mobile preheating solutions facilitate onsite repairs of bearing assemblies.

What are the benefits?

DAWEI Induction preheating systems are extremely efficient, resulting in major energy savings. When preheating steel strips and cable and wire, diode rectifiers ensure a constant power factor of 0.95, thus eliminating reactive power costs. Cycle times are short, too. And continuous automatic matching means a single coil can handle wide production ranges. Induction preheating systems are compact and easy to integrate into existing or planned production lines.

Where is it used?

Induction preheating is employed in the automotive, mechanical, aeronautical, electrotechnical, white goods and shipbuilding industries. A major area of use is preheating for welding. Our MYD series air cooling induction heating systems are used in the offshore sector for onsite weld preheating. MYD series air cooling heating units are also frequently flown to oil platforms and airports to perform repairs and maintenance.

What equipment is available?

The MYD air cooling induction heating systems are primary used for preheating weld heating treatment process.

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