DW-HF-15kw Induction Heating Equipment


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Main characteristics:

    1.  MOSFET and EUPEC IGBT module and inverting technologies of the first generation been used.
    2.  Simple structure and light weight and easy for maintenance.
    3.  Simple to operat ,afew minutes is enough to learn it.
    4.  Simple to install,installation can be done by unprofessional person very easily.
    5.  advantages of the model with timer,the power and the operatingtime of the heating period and the rain period
         can be preset repectively,to realize a simple heating curve,this model is suggested to use for batch production
         to improve the repeatability.
    6.  The separated models are designed to fit the dirty surrounding of some cases.
Model DW-HF-15KW
Input power desire Signle phase 220V 50-60HZ
 Oscillate power max
Duty cycle 80% 30°C
Cubage  Host computer 495x240x485mm
Weight 45kg
Cable length  2-6(Meters)
Oscillate frequency 30-80KHZ

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