Bogie Hearth Furnace


1200℃- 1800℃ Electric Bogie Hearth Furnaces

A bogie hearth furnace is a versatile and efficient industrial heating system designed for various heat treatment processes. With its robust construction and advanced features, this furnace offers exceptional temperature uniformity and precise control, ensuring optimal results for annealing, tempering, stress relieving, and other thermal treatments. Its bogie design allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy workpieces or batches, while its advanced insulation minimizes heat loss and energy consumption. Whether in the automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing industries, the bogie hearth furnace is a reliable choice for achieving superior heat treatment outcomes.

The equipment designed for pyrolysis, melting, analysis and production ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, machinery,chemical, glass, refractories, for develop new material, special materials, construction materials, the equipment is suitable forinstitutions of higher learning and laboratory of scientific research institute and industrial and mining enterprises.
The control panel equipped with the intelligent adjustment device, power control switch, main working/stop button,voltmeter、 ammeter、 Computer interface、 Observe port /Air inlet port, for convenience to observe the furnace working status, the product using reliable integrated circuit, excellent working environment, anti-interference, the highest temperature of furnace shell temperature is less than 45 can greatly improve the working environment, micro computer program control,programmable setting temperature rise curve, Fully automatic temperature rise / cooling, Temperature control parameters and programs can be modified during operation, which is flexible, convenient and simple in operation.
Temperature Control Accuracy:± 1℃,Temperature Constant Accuracy: ±1℃.Fast Temperature rise rate,Maximum heating rate≤30℃/min. Furnace hearth materials made up by vacuum forming high purity alumina light materials(Will be changing due to the temperature required), High temperature for use, Less heat storage amount,
Tolerance the extremely heating and cold、 no crack, No dregs, Excellent thermal insulation performance (the energy saving effect is over 60% of the traditional furnace).Reasonable structure, Double layer furnace cover, Air cooling,Greatly shortening the experimental period.

Working Temperature 1200℃ 1400℃ 1600℃ 1700℃ 1800℃
Maximum Temperature 1250℃ 1450℃ 1650℃ 1750℃ 1820℃
Furnace Door Open method Electric control rises to open (Opening status can be modified)
Temperature Rise Rate Temperature Rise Rate Can Be Modify(30℃/min | 1℃/h), Company Suggest 10-20℃/min.
Refractories High purity alumina fiber polymer light material
Loading Platform Capacity 100Kg to 10Ton (Can be modify)
Loading Platform Passes In And Out Electric machinery
Rated Voltage 220V/380V
Temperature Uniformity ±1℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Heating Elements, Specification Certificate, Heat Insulation Brick, Crucible Pliers, High Temperature Gloves.
Standard Accessories
Furnace Hearth Standard Dimension
Furnace Hearth Dimension Power Rating Weight Appearance Dimension
800*400*400mm 35KW Around 450Kg 1500*1000*1400mm
1000*500*500mm 45KW Around 650Kg 1700*1100*1500
1500*600*600mm 75KW Around 1000Kg 2200*1200*1600
2000*800*700mm 120KW Around 1600Kg 2700*1300*1700
2400*1400*650mm 190KW Around 4200Kg 3600*2100*1700
3500*1600*1200mm 280KW Around 8100Kg 4700*2300*2300
Open Model: Bottom Open;
1.   Temperature accuracy:±1℃ ; Constant temperature:±1℃(Base on Heating zone size ) 。
2.   Simplicity for operation, programmable , PID automatic modify, automatic temperature rise, automatic temperature retaining ,  automatic cooling,unattended operation
3.   Cooling structure: Double Layer Furnace Shell, Air Cooling.
4.   Furnace surface temperature approach the indoor temperature.
5.   double layer loop protection. (over temperature protection, over pressure protection, over current protection, thermocouple protection, Power supply protection and so on)
6.   Importing refractory,excellent temperature retaining effect,high temperature resistance, Tolerance the extreme heat and cold
7.   Furnace hearth materials: 1200℃:High Purity Alumina Fiber Board; 1400℃:High purity alumina (Contain zirconium) fiberboard; 1600℃:Import High Purity Alumina Fiber Board; 1700℃-1800℃:High Purity alumina polymer fiber board.
8.   Heating Elements: 1200℃: Silicon Carbide Rod or Electric Resistance Wire; 1400℃: Silicon Carbide Rod ; 1600-1800℃: Silicon Molybdenum Rod
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Bogie Hearth Electric Furnace