80KW Electromagnetic Induction Heater


80KW Electromagnetic Induction Heater for heating steel welding, coating, bending, fitting & unfitting,etc.

Principle of Electromagnetic Induction Heating:

Most of the metal is heated by the high-frequency magnetic field and uses this principle to pass the high-frequency current through the coil, so that the coil generates a high-frequency magnetic field, so that the metal rod in the coil is induced to generate heat. The electrical energy can be converted into metal thermal energy by the above process. During the whole process, the metal rod does not have any physical contact with the coil, and the energy conversion is completed by the magnetic field eddy current and the metal induction.

 Advantages of electromagnetic induction heater:

1.Energy saving and emission reduction (30-85%)

2.higher thermal efficiency

3.Reduced operating temperature

4.warm up fast

5’long service life

6.Maintenance is simple and convenient


What Advantages Does Electromagnetic Induction Heater Have Compared With Traditional Heaters?

Advantage Comparison
Electromagnetic Induction Heater Traditional Heater
Heating Principles Electromagnetic Induction Heating the  Resdistance Wire
Heated Part Charging barrel is heated directly to get higher efficiency ,but the induction coil itself is not heated to guaratte longer using life heater itself,then heat transfered to the charging barrel
Surface Temperature & Safety Max. 60 Degree Centigrade,safe to touch by hands. The same with your heating temperature, Dangerous to touch
Heating Rate High Efficiency:save 50%-70%warming -up time Low Efficiency:No time-saving
Energy Saving Save 30-80% Power Consumption No Saving
Temperature Control High precision Low Precision
Using life 4-5year 2-3year
Working Environment Normal temperature for workers,easy and comfortable Hot,especially for low latitude Area
Cost Cost-effective,with30-80% energy-saving rate,it takes 6-10 months to recover the cost. The higher the rate is,the less time it takes. Low


Application of electromagnetic induction:

1.Plastic rubber industry: plastic film blowing machine, wire drawing machine, injection molding machine, granulator, rubber extruder, vulcanizing machine, cable production extruder, etc.;

2.Pharmaceutical and chemical industry: pharmaceutical infusion bags, plastic equipment production lines, liquid heating pipelines for the chemical industry;

3.Energy, food industry: heating of crude oil pipelines, food machinery, super freighters and other equipment that require electric heating;

4.Industrial high-power heating industry: machine for killing machine, reaction axe, steam generator (boiler);

5.Smelting heating industry: die casting furnace zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and other equipment;

6.Building materials industry: gas pipe production line, plastic pipe production line, PE plastic hard flat net, geonet net unit, automatic blow molding machine, PE honeycomb board production line, single and double wall corrugated pipe extrusion production line, composite air cushion film unit, PVC hard Tube, PP extrusion transparent sheet production line, extruded polystyrene foam tube, PE winding film unit;

7.high power commercial induction cooker movement;

8.Dry heating in printing equipment;

9.other similar industry heating;

Technical Parameters



Technical Parameters

rated power Three-phase 80KW
Rated input current 110-120(A)
Rated output current 180-200(A)
Rated voltage frequency

AC 380V/50Hz

Voltage adaptation range  constant power output at 300 ~ 400V
Adapt to ambient temperature -20ºC~50ºC

Adapt to environmental humidity

Power adjustment range

20% ~ 100% stepless adjustment(That is: adjustment between 0.5 ~ 80KW)

Heat conversion efficiency ≥95%
Effective power

≥98%(Can be customized according to user needs)

working frequency 5~40KHz
Main circuit structure Full bridge series resonance
Control System DSP-based high-speed automatic phase-locking tracking control system
Application mode Open application platform
monitor Programmable digital display
start time <1S
Instantaneous overcurrent protection time ≤2US
Power overload protection 130% instantaneous protection
Soft start mode Fully electrically isolated soft start heating / stop mode
RS485 communication Modbus RTU standard communication protocol
Support PID adjustment power Identify 0-5V input voltage
Support 0 ~ 1000 ºC load temperature detection Accuracy up to ± 1 ºC
Adaptive coil parameters  50 square line, length 50m, inductance 110 ~ 120uH
Coil to load distance(Thermal insulation thickness) 20-25mm for circle, 15-20mm for plane, 10-15mm for ellipse and within 10 mm for super ellipse