Induction Brazing Heating Exchanger Copper Pipes

Induction Brazing Heating Exchanger copper pipes to coppers

Various industries

Base material
Copper tubes Cu-DHP acc. to EN12735 or EN1057
– Diameter / thickness of external tube: 12.5 x 0.35 and 16.75 x 0.4
– Type of assembly: lap joint

Other materials
Brazing alloy rings


DW-UHF-20KW induction brazing machine

HLQ Custom Coil

Key Parameters

Power: 12kW
Time: ≈ 5s


A manufacturer of heating exchangers for various industries wanted to increase operator safety and production rate during the process of induction brazing.

We received a sample of a heat exchanger which was a part of an actual assembly (more than 10 m long). The goal was to determine the most suitable design for a custom coil which will allow for the induction brazing of two joints to be performed simultaneously.

HLQ team recommended using the DWS which is a mobile induction heating solution that can be utilized as a hand-held unit or can be integrated with a robotic arm for automated production lines.

Тhe performed tests matched the exact position of the heat exchanger on the production to simulate actual working conditions. We used a custom-designed elliptical coil with a positioning fixture to help the operator achieve repeatable results, as well as increase the production rate by brazing 2 joints for 5 sec. As a result, the brazed connection becomes extremely secure and leak-proof.

Compared to gas torch brazing, induction heating does not produce an open flame, thus it is much safer for the operator. Fast process and repeatability are guaranteed.

Heat exchangers are devices that are widely used in many industries – space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, power stations, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment.


  • Safe heating with no open flame
  • Precise control over time and temperature resulting in improved quality and consistent result
  • A repeatable process, not operator dependent
  • Energy efficient induction heating

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