Heating Shrink Fitting Camshaft Gear

Induction Heating Shrink Fitting Camshaft Gear with IGBT Induction Heater

Objective: Heating a camshaft gear with a bore size of 1.630″ to shrink fit over a steel shaft that has a diameter of 1.632″. A temperature of 5000F is required for the gear to expand 0.002″ in order to slip over the shaft. Production is presently done at a rate of 15-20 gears per 24 hour shift by heating the gear
on a hot plate. The hot plate heating cycle lasts for approximately 45 minutes.
The customer would like to explore the options available in terms of heating times and machine size.
Material: Steel Camshaft Gear measuring 7″ in diameter, 1″ thick, with a bore size of 1.630″.
Temperature: 5000F
Application: A unique three (3) turn helical coil along with the various DAWEI solid state induction power supplies were used to achieve the following results:
– 5000F was reached in three (3) minutes while using the DW-HF 5, 5 kW output solid state induction power supply.
– 5000F was reached in five (5), eight (8), and ten (10) minutes using the DW-HF-3, 5 kW output solid state induction power supply.
– Even heating was observed as a result of the unique three (3) turn helical induction coil.
Equipment: DW-HF-35 and DW-HF-55 kW output solid state induction power supplies respectively, including remote heat stations and a unique three turn helical coil made from 3/16″ copper tubing and having a 4.4″ inside diameter.
Frequency: 62 kHz

Shrink Fitting Camshaft Gear