Shrink Fit Steel Gear onto Shaft

Shrink Fit Steel Gear onto Shaft With High Frequency Induction Heating Units

Objective Heat the bore of a hardened spur steel gear to shrink fit onto a gear motor shaft. This is part of a chair for the disabled.
Material Steel gear 2.5” (63.5mm) OD, .75” (19mm) ID x .625” (16mm) thick, temperature indicating paint
Temperature 400 ºF (204 ºC)
Frequency 300 kHz
Equipment • DW-UHF-3.2 kW induction heating system, equipped with a remote workhead containing two 0.66 μF capacitors for a total of 1.32 μF
• An induction heating coil designed and developed specifically for this application.
Process A four turn helical internal coil is used to heat the gear bore.
The coil is inserted into the gear bore and power is applied for 90 seconds to reach the required 400 ºF (204 ºC) and expand
the gear bore. The gear is then placed on the shaft and allowed to cool, creating the shrink fit between the gear and
the shaft.
Results/Benefits Induction heating provides:
• No pre-heat cycle, heat is available on demand
• Energy efficient, heats only the part, not the atmosphere around it
• Controlled, even distribution of heating
• Faster production times

Shrink Fit Steel Gear onto Shaft

Heating Shrink Fitting Camshaft Gear

Induction Heating Shrink Fitting Camshaft Gear with IGBT Induction Heater

Objective: Heating a camshaft gear with a bore size of 1.630″ to shrink fit over a steel shaft that has a diameter of 1.632″. A temperature of 5000F is required for the gear to expand 0.002″ in order to slip over the shaft. Production is presently done at a rate of 15-20 gears per 24 hour shift by heating the gear
on a hot plate. The hot plate heating cycle lasts for approximately 45 minutes.
The customer would like to explore the options available in terms of heating times and machine size.
Material: Steel Camshaft Gear measuring 7″ in diameter, 1″ thick, with a bore size of 1.630″.
Temperature: 5000F
Application: A unique three (3) turn helical coil along with the various DAWEI solid state induction power supplies were used to achieve the following results:
– 5000F was reached in three (3) minutes while using the DW-HF 5, 5 kW output solid state induction power supply.
– 5000F was reached in five (5), eight (8), and ten (10) minutes using the DW-HF-3, 5 kW output solid state induction power supply.
– Even heating was observed as a result of the unique three (3) turn helical induction coil.
Equipment: DW-HF-35 and DW-HF-55 kW output solid state induction power supplies respectively, including remote heat stations and a unique three turn helical coil made from 3/16″ copper tubing and having a 4.4″ inside diameter.
Frequency: 62 kHz

Shrink Fitting Camshaft Gear