Induction Brazing Steel Tube

Induction Brazing Steel Tube

Objective: To heat an oil suction assembly (steel tubing and filter cap) to 1,850°F (1010°C) within 15 seconds for a brazing application.

Material 0.125″ (3.2mm) diameter steel tube and filter cap assembly, high temperature brazing flux, copper ring.

Temperature 1850°F(1010°C)

Frequency 500 kHz

Equipment • DW-UHF-6KW-I induction heating system equipped with a remote workhead containing 0.66 μF capacitors • An induction heating coil designed and developed specifically for this application.

Process A two-turn, specially-contoured helical induction coil is used to heat the tube assembly near the joint area. A copper ring and high temperature flux are then applied to the joint area. Power is applied for 15 seconds until the braze flows.

Results/Benefits Induction heating provides:

• Easy loading and unloading of parts

• Heat very precise areas within production tolerances

• Hands free heating that involves minimal operator skill for manufacturing

Induction Brazing Copper Pipe Fittings

Induction Brazing Copper Fittings
Objective: Copper ‘tees’ and ‘ells’ are to be brazed to the aluminum body of a refrigeration valve

Material: customer’s valve copper fittings braze

Temperature: 2550 ºF (1400°C)

Frequency: 585 kHz

Equipment: DW-UHF-10kw induction heating system including a workhead containing two 1.5μF capacitors (total 0.75μF) and a three-turn helical coil

Process: The valve is placed inside the coil and RF induction heating power is applied until the part is heated to the required temperature and the braze is seen to flow into the joint. Two tube sizes were run using the same induction heating system settings with differing cycle times.

Results/Benefits • energy is applied only to the zone to be heated • heating of the joint/braze is uniform and repeatable

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