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Induction Brazing Steel Tube Objective: To heat an oil suction assembly (steel tubing and filter cap) to 1,850°F (1010°C) within 15 seconds for a brazing application. Material 0.125″ (3.2mm) diameter steel tube and filter cap assembly, high temperature brazing flux, copper ring. Temperature 1850°F(1010°C) Frequency 500 kHz Equipment • DW-UHF-6KW-I induction heating system equipped with a […]

Induction Brazing Copper Fittings Objective: Copper ‘tees’ and ‘ells’ are to be brazed to the aluminum body of a refrigeration valve Material: customer’s valve copper fittings braze Temperature: 2550 ºF (1400°C) Frequency: 585 kHz Equipment: DW-UHF-10kw induction heating system including a workhead containing two 1.5μF capacitors (total 0.75μF) and a three-turn helical coil Process: The valve is […]