Induction Annealing Copper Tubes

Simultaneously Induction Annealing Copper Tubes

Induction annealing copper tubesObjective
Uniformly heat two copper tubes simultaneously to 800°F (426°C) in under 10 seconds with induction heating.


DW-HF-45kw induction heater
Helical coil

• Two copper tubes
– OD: 0.69’’ (1.75 cm)
– ID: 0.55’’ (1.40 cm)
– Length: 5.50’’ (14.0 cm).

Key Parameters
Power: 35kW
Temperature: 842°F (450°C)
Time: 7sec

Induction annealing copper tubeProcess:

  1. The two copper tubes were placed together in the coil.
  2. Induction heat was applied for 8s.


  • Improved process control for uniform heating to a desired temperature
  • Power on demand and rapid, consistent heat cycles
  • Technology without pollution, which is both clean and safe

High frequency Induction annealing copper tubes