Iron Melting Furnace


Iron Melting Furnace|Induction Furnace Iron Smelting Oven

Production Description:

1)Medium Frequency induction iron melting furnace

2)Full digital control system with high accuracy

3) Melting cast iron,steel, iron,stainless steel,copper,aluminium

4)0.15-20 tons capacity

5)Constant power output, speedy melting, good electricity saving efficiency.

6) Steel shell furnace structure, hydraulic tilting.

3.Usage:  Medium Frequency iron melting furnace Mainly used in melting steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloy, is with high melting efficiency, good electricity saving effect, good metal component uniformity, less burning loss, speedy temperature rise, easy control of temperature, is suitable to all kinds of metal melting.

4.Characters and Advantages:

1) Constant power output, speedy melting, good electricity saving efficiency.

2) Zero-voltage sweep-frequency style start, adapts to requirement of frequently start.

3) Comprehensive protection functions, such as overcurrency protection, overvoltage protection, current-limiting protection, voltage-limiting, water-break protection, and default protection, equipment runs reliably under premise of melting speed guarantee.

4) Easy to operate, suitable for all casting process.

iron melting furnace and stainless steel melting induction furnace



Single furnace melting time can be as fast as < 40 minutes! power factor of the furnace is always reached the highest state (≧0.96)!

During the smelting, no matter how the furnace condition changes, the medium frequency power supply always full power output. That is to say, without the operator manual adjustment, the whole process from smelting to the end , the intermediate frequency power supply will always be able to deliver the maximum power to the furnace.


-Energy saving

Extremely competitive energy consumption index (cast iron about 530 kwh/T)! Compared with common parallel inverter power energy saving about 20%.


Achieve international harmonic current and voltage allowable value!

Using full-wave rectifier power supply series, in the whole working process of the rectifier is always in a state of full open (equivalent to a diode rectifier), do not produce higher harmonic, basic no pollution to power network, does not affect the operation of substation reactive power compensation capacitor.


firs-class induction coil design can effectively reduce coil losses.

The induction coil loss of medium frequency furnace accounts for 25% of the total power, so the scientific and rational design of the coil is particularly important. When designing the coil, we adopts the high quality TU1 anoxic copper in aluminum copper, and the coil joint adopts high silver brazing, which has high conductivity and small loss. To Ensure the best spacing of turns, the insulation materials are implanted between turns, the insulation level is improved and the maximum electric thermal efficiency is obtained.


Stable & Environmental Protection


High standard component selection to ensure the stability of the equipment.

①Imported high pressure carbon-free hose and 304 stainless steel clamp: durable!

②Optical fiber transmission inverter trigger pulse signal plate: strong ability of anti-interference and stable operation

③The high quality special heavy platform Thyristor、square type water cooling radiator(HengYang Patent No. ): use more convenient !

④Customized capacitor: horizontal structure, safer insulation outer shell, using the high strength of the magnesium aluminum alloy, more anti-corrosion and more durable.

⑤Conductive copper bar: Large, thick copper can reduce heat loss and save energy! Copper sandblasted surface and anti-oxidation coating, the contact surface is more conductive, the appearance does not fade and makes more beautiful!

⑥Isolation (exchange) switch : when the furnace is replaced or overhauled, it is possible to control the power failure of one furnace without affecting the normal operation of another furnace. The design of safety and humanization.

⑦Plate heat exchange system (HengYang Patent No. ): to ensure the cooling water temperature in the equipment, and to prevent the external hard water from entering the power . Care to minimize equipment failure.

-Environmental protection

Cast iron melitng induction furnace using whirlwind and side suction heat- preservation furnace cover, dust hood (ring)  through a certain air absorb dust, waste gas generated in smelting, reach and improve the effect of exhaust emissions, to meet the requirements of environmental impact assessment design.

iron steel scrap melting furnace-induction smelting steel furnace

Main Type and Technical Parameters:

Power input (50/60HZ)Power outputA ton cost energy (KWH/T)
EAF type Electric furnace capacityRated power(KW)Incoming voltage(V)Incoming line current(A)Rectifying pulse numberRectifier transformer capacity(KVA)DC voltage(V)Direct current(A)Medium frequency voltage(V)Intermediate frequency KHZMelting time(Min)Cast ironRed copperBrassAluminum
GW–0.35T2503804006Three-phase 315500500750120-45560420390540
GW–0.5T3503805606Three-phase 4005007007500.830-50550410380530
GW–0.75T5003808006Three-phase 63050010007500.840-50550410380530






Three-phase 1000

Three-phase 1000













Double three-phase 1250

Three-phase 1250













Three-phase 1800

Double three-phase 1800







GW–3T200075082012Double three-phase 2500990101014800.550-70510370340490
GW–5T3000950114012Double three-phase 40001260119019000.350-80500360330480
GW–10T6000950228012Double three-phase 80001260238019000.350-90490350320470
GW–15T8000950152024Four three-phase 100001260159019000.350-90480340310460
GW–20T10000950190024Four three-phase 125001260198019000.2550-90470330300450
GW–30T15000950285024Four three-phase 200001260298019000.2550-90470330300450
In-furnace    temperature:    Steel 1650℃        Cast iron 1450℃        Red copper 1150℃         Brass 1000℃        Aluminum 700℃        Zinc 400℃

※ The capacity of the electric induction cast iron melitng furnace is based on the density of steel 7.8 (the density of aluminum is 2.7, so the aluminum of equal weight: the matching power is the same, and the capacity needs x 3 times the furnace body)

※ The melting time and tons of power consumption have important relationship with the equipment matching power, raw material shape, raw material density, worker proficiency,

※ In the form above,the “ton power consumption (kwh/T)”  is a new series of power consumption, which will consume 15% or more of the power supply in Common parallel IF power supply

※ Iron steel melitng induction furnace configuration: medium frequency power supply, capacitor cabinet, furnace body (steel shell or aluminum shell), hydraulic station (or reducer) tilting  system, water cooling cable etc;

※ The Above is the standard product data, can design different power according to the user demand, non-standard product with different melting speed .

iron steel melting furnace-induction metal melting furnace

100kg^5T Industry Induction Steel Iron Melting Furnace is main used for melting cast iron,steel,stainless steel,copper,bronze,aluminum,gold,silver,etc.

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