handheld ultrasonic mask welder for face mask and KN95 bonding


Handheld Ultrasonic Mask Welder & Ultrasonic Face Mask KN95 Welding Machine

800W 28KHz handheld ultrasonic mask welder for Mask Ear Loop Spot Welding ,Ultrasonic Face Mask Welding Machine Manually Used Device With Welding Head Transducer Generator.

Face Mask Ultrasonic Welding Machine

For N95 Face Mask & Disposable Mask

Transducer Frequency: 28KHz

Transducer Material: Magnalium

Welding Head Material:Titanium Alloy

Working Voltage: AC220V±10%(50-60HZ)

Working Frequency: 28KHz

Working Power: 800W

Whole set includes:

1) 28KHz Ultrasonic generator

2) Plastic body

3) 28KHz Ultrasonic transducer

4) Welding head




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