Handheld Remote Induction Heater


Handheld Remote Induction Heater for removal rust,paint,steel plate straightening of truck,car,ship,etc.Induction rust&paint removal system.

Model DWS-25P DWS-30P DWS-60P
Max input power 25kw 30kw 60kw
Length of heating head 20M 20-40M
Output frequency 20-50KHz
Output current 5~45A 6-54A 12-108A
Output voltage 70~520V
Input voltage 380V,3phases,50/60Hz
Duty cycle 50%
Cooling water ≥0.5MPa ≥30L/min
Inner water chiller Yes
Weight Generator 280KG 316KG 580KG
Heating head 2.2KG 2.7KG 4.5KG
Size/cm Generator 103L×750W×156.6H 103L×750W×156.6H 70L×40W×103.5H
Heating head Ф6.5×16.5L Ф8×18.5L Ф11.8×24L



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