DW-HF-120kw Induction Heating Equipment


The top induction heating equipments manufacturer and supplier for induction brazing process,industrial metal melting,induction forge,PWHT,induction preheat welding,shrink fitting,induction hardening surface,etc.

Main characteristics:
    1.  100%duty sycle ,continuous working is allowed at maximum power output.
    2.   Light weight ,50-160KG only.
    3.   Constant current or constent power status can be selected accordingly to achieve higher heating efficiency.
    4.   Display of heating power and heating currentand oscillating frequency.
    5.   Auto-compensation circuit of frequency modulation and frequency,the function of digital high precise powerstarting improves greatly the Heating and Brazing stability.
Model DW-HF-120KW
Input power desire 3X380V 50-60HZ
Oscillate power max 120KVA
Oscillate frequency 30K-80KHZ
Input power max 130KVA
Cooling water max 0.3Mpa≥6L/MIN
Oscillating current 30-160A
Duty cycle 100% 30°C
Weight 135KG
Cubage Host computer 650X350X560mm
Extension 700X350X460mm
Cable length 2m

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