portable ultrasonic mask welding machine for welding medical mask KN95 earloop

Portable ultrasonic mask welding machine-portable mask ultrasonic welder for bonding KN95 face earloop and nonwoven fabric and mask.

800W 28KHz portable mask portable ultrasonic mask welding machine for KN95& Mask Ear Loop Spot Welding ,Ultrasonic Face Mask Welding Machine Manually Used Device With Welding Head Transducer Generator.

Face Mask Ultrasonic Welding Machine

For N95 Face Mask & Disposable Mask

Transducer Frequency: 28KHz

Transducer Material: Magnalium

Welding Head Material:Titanium Alloy

Working Voltage: AC220V±10%(50-60HZ)

Working Frequency: 28KHz

Working Power: 800W

Whole set includes:

1) 28KHz Ultrasonic generator

2) Plastic body

3) 28KHz Ultrasonic transducer

4) Welding head