induction preheating titanium billet for rolling

induction preheating titanium billet for rolling with MF induction heating system

Objective:  To preheat a titanium billet to 1800 ºF prior to entering a rolling mill
Material : Customer supplied 4” (102mm) diameter/24” (610mm) long titanium billet
Temperature: 1800 ºF (1000 ºC)
Frequency : 2.7 kHz

Induction Heating Equipment:medium frequency MFS-200kW 1.5-4.5 kHz induction heating system equipped with a remote work head containing six 40 μF capacitors
— A multi-turn helical induction heating coil designed and developed specifically for this application
Induction Heating Process:  The titanium billet was placed inside the multi-turn induction heating coil. The part was heated for five minutes, which was necessary to reduce the temperature difference between the center and outside of the billet. Due to the considerable diameter of the part, a high power, low frequency induction heating power supply was used. Considerable effort went into designing the coil to ensure the most uniform heating possible while still minimizing heating time.


-Speed: Induction heated the large billet quickly, and will also heat the client’s longer 15 foot billets
– Uniform heating: Induction’s rapid, even heating enabled a uniform temperature throughout the billet
– Repeatability: This process will provide consistent results, so the client can design their process around the fiveminute heating time