Induction Catheter Tipping Heating

High Frequency Induction Catheter Tipping Heating Applications

This induction catheter tipping heating application is often needed in the Medical Industry for the manufacturing of catheter tubes.

With induction catheter tipping, RF energy raises the temperature on the stainless steel or brass mold, without physically contacting the mold or using an open flame. The tip of the catheter is then formed by inserting the plastic tubing into the heated die or mold to form the rounded edges. The rounded end of the catheter tube allows the tube to be safely inserted into the human with minimal trauma to body tissue. The mold will also have a wire that inserts into the tubing to prevent the formation of blockages. The precise and accurate temperature control capabilities of induction are ideal for this type of precise medical application. The molds are usually fitted with a water-cooled jacket used to cool the heated mold back to a defined start temperature which enables the induction system to be driven by a set time/cycle zone.

Induction heating equipment for catheter tipping ensures a great degree of repeatability. The manufacturing process is fast and precise.

Catheter tipping typically requires low power. HLQ has several low power units that are ideal for catheter tipping and will recommend the right equipment based on the parts and unique application requirements.


Heating Catheter Tipping Die

Objective: To heat an aluminum catheter tipping die to above 2850F within 2 to 5 seconds for the forming of catheter material. Presently, heating is performed in 15 seconds with older induction equipment. The customer would like to use solid state induction heating equipment to reduce the heating times and develop a more efficient process.
Material: Aluminum catheter tipping die measuring 3/8″ OD and 2″ long with a nonmagnetic sleeve over the heat zone. The catheter material was described as being similar to polyurethane plastic. Also, a 0.035″ diameter steel wire
was inserted into the catheter tube to prevent collapsing.
Temperature: 5000F
Application: The DW-UHF-3kW solid state induction power supply was determined to most efficiently produce the following results:
–A heating time of 3.3 seconds to reach 5000F and form the catheter was achieved through the use of a two (2) over two (2) turn helical coil.
–A quality catheter was formed by pressing 1/2″ of the polyurethane tube into the mold while retaining shape through the use of a 0.035″ wire to prevent collapsing of the tube. Laboratory results show that a substantial time decrease was accomplished which will allow for a significant increase in production while not sacrificing quality.
Induction Heating Equipment: DW-UHF-3kWkW solid state induction power supply including a remote heat station containing one (1) capacitor totalling 1.2 µF.
Frequency: 287 kHz