induction preheating copper rod for hot forging

induction preheating copper rod

Induction preheating copper rod for hot forging

In order to want to improve safety and productivity, and reduce energy costs, by using induction instead of resistive heating. To maximize productivity, they want to be able to heat 3 brass rods at a time to 780° C within 25 seconds. For this application test, we are only heating one rod, so our goal is to heat the single rod to 780° C within 25 seconds with less than 45 kW of power. This will ensure that when heating 3 rods, that the 110 kW system will meet the production requirements.

DW-HF-70kW Induction Heating Power Supply, operating between 10-50 kHz

• Brass rod
• Custom coil, 10 turns, D=50mm, designed and manufactured by DaWei Induction Power Technologies for this specific application – capable to heat 3 rods at a heat cycle.

Key Parameters
Temperature: 780° C
Power: 70 kW
Voltage: 380 – 480 V
Time: 24 sec
Frequency: 32 kHz


  1. The DW-HF series Power Supply was connected to the DW-HF-70kw Heat Station.
  2. The custom Coil was attached to the Heat Station.
  3. The Brass rods were placed inside the Coil.
  4. The Power Supply was turned on.
  5. The DW-HF series operating at 20 kW was able to successfully heat the single brass rod within 24 seconds, which was less than the 25 second time requirement established for the test. Three brass rods are expected then to heat within 25 seconds with approximately 60 kW of power (3 rods will be 3x the load and 3x the power). The 90 kW Induction system will therefore meet the customer’s requirements.


Induction preheating provides:

  • Faster heating cycles
  • The process is safer than the flame heating
  • Technology without pollution, clean and safe


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