Inductioin Shrink Fitting Aluminum Pulley

Inductioin Shrink Fitting Aluminum Pulley With IGBT Heating Units

Objective Heat aluminum pulley for insertion of an inner bearing for the automotive industry
Material Aluminum pulley 2.3” (60mm) OD x 1.6” (40mm) ID x 1” (27mm) high and inner bearing 0.7” (17.8mm) high x 1.6” (40mm) dia
Temperature 464 ºF (240 ºC)
Frequency 283 kHz
Equipment • DW-UHF-4.5kW induction heating system, equipped with a remote workhead containing two 0.33μF capacitors for a total of 0.66μF
• An induction heating coil designed and developed specifically for this application.
Process A three turn helical coil is used to heat the aluminum pulley.
The pulley is heated to 464 ºF (240 ºC) in 20 seconds to expand the inner diameter and then the inner bearing is inserted to form the completed part.
Results/Benefits Induction heating provides:
• Defined and controlled heat pattern
• Process easily integrated into automated system
• Even distribution of heating

shrink fitting aluminum bearing