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Induction Heating Aluminum Catheter Tipping With IGBT Heating Units Objective: To heat an aluminum catheter tipping die to above 2850F within 2 to 5 seconds for the forming of catheter material. Presently, heating is performed in 15 seconds with older induction equipment. The customer would like to use solid state induction equipment to reduce the heating times and […]

Induction Heating Aluminum Pipe For End Forming With High Frequency Induction Heater Objective Through heating the top 2” (50.8mm) of aluminum oxygen tank to form a rounded end with a hole for oxygen valve Material Aluminum oxygen tank with open end 2.25” (57.15mm) diameter, 0.188” (4.8mm) wall thickness Temperature 700 ºF (371 ºC) Frequency 71 kHz Equipment […]

Induction Brazing Aluminum Automotive  Objective: Heat aluminum for an automotive brazing application Material: Aluminum tubing 0.50 (12.7mm) dia, an aluminum boss 1” (25.4mm) long, flux filled braze rings Temperature: 1200 ºF (649 ºC) Frequency: 370 kHz Equipment • DW-UHF-10KW induction heating system, equipped with a remote workhead containing one 1.0μF capacitors for a total of 1.0 μF • […]