Handheld Induction Brazing HVAC Pipes of Heat Exchangers

Fast Handheld Induction Brazing HVAC Pipes System of Heat Exchangers

Induction brazing is the process of joining two or more metals using induction heating. Induction heating utilizes the electromagnetic field to provide heat without contact or flame. Induction brazing is more localized, repeatable, and easier to automate compared to traditional torch brazing.

The principle of induction brazing is similar to the transformer principle, where the inductor is the primary winding and the part to be heated acts as a single turn secondary winding.

Using induction brazing rather than a conventional torch can increase the quality of joints and shorten the time necessary for each braze; however, the ease of creating a reproducible process makes induction brazing ideal for serial, high volume production processes such as induction brazing of heat exchangers. Brazing the bent copper tubing on heat exchangers can be tedious and time consuming because joint quality is critical and there are so many joints. Induction power could be your best solution to maintain quality without sacrificing production speed. Precisely controlled, powerful generators from HLQ provide heat exactly where you need it without causing distortion, ensuring that your production process is accurate and fast. Whether your heat exchangers are large, medium or small, in the plant or in the field, HLQ makes an induction brazing generator to meet your specific needs. Brazing can be done manually or with the aid of automation.

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