Aluminum Billet Heating Furnace

Continous Aluminum Billet Heating Furnace/Aluminium Alloys Billet Heater for the heating Aluminum Billets/Rods/Bars before the hot formging, extrusion, hot rolling and cutting,etc.

Induction Heating is a proven, reliable and efficient method of heating  hot forming aluminum alloys. However, aluminum alloys have material properties that, if unaccounted for, can result in unexpected challenges. Understanding the unique facets of the induction heating of aluminum can be achieved by considering the properties that make aluminum alloys such advantageous materials.
Given that aluminum and its alloys offer numerous advantages over many other metals, it is not surprising that inquiries about induction billet-heating equipment increasingly involve the heating of aluminum alloys. Many of these inquiries focus on how the induction heating of aluminum differs from the induction heating of other materials – typically steels – and how these differences affect heating quality, efficiency and productivity. Electromagnetic induction is well-suited for the heating of aluminum-alloy billets. However, there are some critical, yet easily overlooked, realities of aluminum billet heating that should be considered when designing, operating and maintaining this type of equipment.

Fundamentally, the induction heating of aluminum alloys is no different than that of other common materials (e.g., carbon-steel and stainless steel alloys). It is ultimately material-property differences that set apart the induction heating of aluminum alloys from other metals. These material-property differences, if unaccounted for, can result in unexpected equipment performance and practical challenges. Because the users of most continuous induction billet-heating systems are familiar with the induction heating of steels and carbon-steel and stainless steel alloys, they provide a convenient point of reference in the consideration of the continuous heating of aluminum-alloy billets.

HLQ Induction Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in continous aluminum billet heating furnace/aluminium billet heater for heating aluminum billets/bars/rods before the hot formging, extrusion, hot rolling and cutting,etc.

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